$1 Million in Google AdSense Earnings

My first ever post, the most beautiful one! This week’s Google ad revenue was more than the previous two weeks combined. It is quite interesting to see that it has increased by more than 20% of all our income! Even if you do not really understand what we have done behind the scene but you can guess why I am so excited for this post. We can continue to grow together! I will write about this here and then some new posts for a while. Our main focus is on marketing our products or services and our website. So lets start with my favorite piece of news (no offense to anyone). Please, do check out my other articles. The links are listed in the bottom of each post. There are also videos on each article as well. All of them are very informative in their own way. Now its time for the rest of our earnings. Its nice to see that there were more views on our advertisements when compared to the previous years. We started with 1000 impressions and now we have reached 40000 impressions. Not only this amount of impressions, but also the number of unique visitors to our site grew up quite a lot. More than 10k of users visited our sites since 2014. Some interesting and helpful tips I could give

: 1) Do an audit of your campaigns.

2) Build a list of all our competitors who may be doing the same thing.

3) Use the Keywords Toolbox in the Google Ad Console. Asking questions about keywords is extremely handy. Sometimes it’s easier to find answers in Google then to get them from your friends. For example, they use keyword toolbox in Google Ad Console I saw: “What are your best keywords? – If you don’t have any, make sure you write it down. You can save them, make lists, use categories – whatever you like – and you can add them to your bucket. That’s where they appear on your search page. You can then go to the second part: Targeting and choose the audience based on the list you made, and select the appropriate ads category. Then click the Run button. If it works, the traffic will come to your campaign.” That is one of the best examples. Thanks Google! Next question is how to do this. To see how many impressions people click on your advertising, start by adding these lines in your HTML code.

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