1 pound of fat = 3500 calories

The amount of fat you need to gain muscle. In fact, in recent years I noticed that a great number of men are gaining weight, and yet they don’t have enough fat. And I’m not talking about the usual bulging biceps or triceps — I’m talking about a different kind. A guy whose physique is so well built, but he lacks the same amounts of energy as women and women. It’s like this guy’s body doesn’t want to give him any more and he has to take it as an “allowance”. That’s why no matter how much exercise that female body does, her metabolism won’t be able to satisfy her hunger for protein and carbs. She doesn’t want to eat everything fast food, chocolate and fast-foods. So she will turn on the TV to watch some sport or entertainment shows. There you go, a man with a lot of muscle and also in possession of a small amount of fat. We all know the value of energy (when it comes to fitness), and we’ve already known how important it is. Because without energy, nothing else makes sense. But energy can be spent in many ways. When you’re training with a trainer, you’ll notice that there are two types: passive and active. They are both equally good. You can train your muscles from your own body and without using extra energy to do so. Or you could use some equipment that has special settings and tools. For example, in my case I train myself through yoga, Pilates, and even other resistance exercises like squats and deadlifts. My point is, if I’m going to train myself with low cost equipment, then I want to make sure I use my own energy because when I’m working out hard, I start to feel tired and then I get exhausted. Here at home I’ve been creating my own routines, for those who don’t know me very well. With every morning, I do something different, a little bit tough. Not just in the gym, but even in daily life. Yes, I’m busy working full time, but after work I also try to train myself with strength training and boxing at home. I think I’ve done a few of his workouts before. This is called BEM training, meaning Body Empowerment Training.

I know you might wonder why training yourself if you don’t have enough time on hand? I didn’t choose to live that way. And when I had time, I trained like crazy. I was never bored, always thinking about a new workout, and I’ve found it to be the most effective fitness program ever. It really works on our bodies, regardless of age and gender. Why do it when it takes up your entire mind, the whole feeling and sensation of it? No! Workout doesn’t have to be hard. It only needs to be functional. If you don’t like what you do, just find another thing. Life doesn’t have to be complicated. And I don’t mean to imply that doing simple things like running a race or lifting weights is hard, but it should be fun, not boring. Just keep yourself in check. To motivate you you can use sports stars and celebrities. Like, Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. They make people believe that if you do something for them, they will help you too. How awesome is that? They’re living examples of what a healthy lifestyle can look like too. You should also try to surround yourself with active persons. Even the ones with little, we need for our growth. I’m sure you could find something good out there. Just ask around, ask people if they know anyone who would like to meet. Find a friend, someone you see doing better than you. Maybe this one person you see and talk to will inspire you too. But keep in mind, there is only one person who was born smarter, and he didn’t just learn how to make machines smart by himself. He got inspiration from a lot smarter friends and others.

I’m not telling you to become a monk. Not like that, of course. What I mean is, you can use your own example. Maybe, you don’t see your friends running or jumping on their bikes, but you really want to. You want to. And this is the best part. Everyone wants to run faster and jump higher. You’re just a human being like everybody else. But here in the next few weeks, you have the chance to change something important. Something you can control. You can choose. By choosing to push yourself. I’m not saying don’t do anything that makes you feel tired. Just do it slowly until you do it. Start as small and continue. Make progress, don’t stop. Go farther and longer. If you’re not sure, start doing a particular activity. Whatever you want. Do it. Don’t wait to reach the finish line. Stop trying. Stop beating yourself up. Stop giving up. Keep going. Continue, no matter what. Push yourself. You have to push yourself to do something that interests you. It doesn’t have to be big, but something you can work on at your pace. As long as you do it, make progress. Progress is important. And the more you push yourself, the bigger results you’ll have.

A man could be a professional athlete. But he could also be a successful amateur photographer. Someone who loves his family and his wife. Another woman could be a personal trainer. She thinks she’s amazing in her workouts, but there’s something missing. Something in her, and something is missing, too. So she decides to take some advice and starts looking into online courses online, hoping to learn something new. The first thing she discovers is that, yes, all that really helps when you want to lose that stubborn belly and you want to achieve a flat tummy, but the problem here is that she didn’t think enough about it. After finishing one course, she goes on to another one. Then another. One third. And then another. Finally, she finds one where an instructor gives an online certificate, which means she gets a certification for each and every course she takes. Wow! She could have just gone straight to work in one of these courses instead of learning how to achieve the fitness goals she wanted. Instead she chose the right path. I have no doubt she’s pleased that she put some effort into it. Also, she now believes she must be a pro in order to do any of these courses properly. Because in order to do everything — to run in the gym, to lift heavy weights, to go faster on the speedways — she doesn’t need an education at all. And that’s really good news.

So, I guess you might say: Is that a dangerous idea? Maybe, but the danger here is not to think about getting that degree. Now it’s about what you do. The difference between a beginner and an expert is usually not very much. Sure, you’re probably capable of doing certain stuff on your own… and you probably have a strong desire (sometimes in your head) to achieve that. However, once you step into something bigger, your motivation drops, and you realize what you’ve been doing wrong and what you’ve been doing all along. So let me give you a piece of advice. Pick what you have to do. Look what you love doing. Forget about what everyone else is doing and try to stick to it, even if everyone else is doing the exact opposite of what you like. Especially if it’s a difficult task. Your brain doesn’t love to compete. So if you choose to go for the easy things — like learning English or playing football — and if you pick the most popular classes, then you’ll be a true scholar and an expert. Take action yourself. Try for the new things, find what interests you. Learn again what you love. Be curious. You will eventually discover what you love and don’t know. Until you’re confident, you won’t get far. I hope you find something exciting to try. Use it. Don’t take anything for granted, and even more importantly, stay humble. Think of a positive outcome, of success. Stay tuned for opportunities instead, don’t let yourself be complacent. Believe you can. I guarantee you, if you put all that hard work and focus you’re capable of achieving, then you’ll feel good that you made it.

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