10 Reasons to Consider a Nokia Cell Phone

Nokia cellular phones are some of the most reliable cell phones in the industry, and they’re also some of the most affordable. If you’re looking to buy your first cell phone, or you just want to upgrade from an older model, you should consider buying one of Nokia’s new models. Here are ten reasons why you should purchase a Nokia cellular phone over any other brand.

1) Entry Level Nokia Phones: What They Are, and What They Aren’t

Nokia’s entry-level phones are the perfect choice for anyone who wants the sleek and sophisticated look of a smartphone without breaking the bank. They’re also great for people who need a phone that can take some punishment, but still want all of the features of a modern device.

Nokia’s entry-level phones come in two sizes: full size and compact. The full size models have screens that range from 3.2 to 4 in size, while the compact models are slightly smaller and have screens ranging from 2.4 to 3. In general, we recommend you choose an entry-level phone with as large a screen as possible for an optimal viewing experience.

2) No Bloatware – How Do They Avoid That?

Nokia phones are immune to bloatware. The company makes the majority of their profit by selling phone hardware, so they don’t have the same incentives as other phone makers who rely on software and services for revenue. This is in stark contrast with many Android manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, and LG who have clogged up their phones with needless, unwanted apps and games that slow down performance and make it difficult for users to delete these apps without rooting their device.

Nokia’s commitment to quality also extends beyond the hardware design of the device; it includes excellent customer service. The company offers 24/7 live chat with customer service reps as well as a comprehensive FAQ section on its website. If you’re still not satisfied, Nokia will send you out a new phone at no cost!

3) Boot Up Time – How Fast are they Actually?

In today’s market, we are all looking for devices that boot up quickly. With the Nokia phones, there is no need to wait for your phone to boot up and be ready for use. You can start using your phone as soon as it is turned on, with little or no loading time at all.

The boot-up time of the Lumia 520 is just 2 seconds! So whether you are in a rush or not, this phone will get you back on the go fast.

4) Screen Quality – Is it Good Enough?

Nokia has always been known for its quality screens. The company’s latest line of phones, the Lumia series, feature 4.5 inch and 5 inch screens with HD resolutions (1280×720). While they may not be as large as the new Samsung Galaxy S4 (5 inches), they are still much larger than many other smartphones on the market today. The Lumia line also features an AMOLED display which will help reduce battery usage since these displays require less power than LCD displays.

5) Battery Life – Does it Really Last as Long as they Claim?

Nokia’s battery life is excellent. Most of their models, including the latest ones, boast up to two weeks of standby time and up to five days of talktime on a single charge. But what about real-world performance? Nokia has published battery life specifications for its devices in various parts of the world and has also published battery life results for some of its devices in various parts of the world. The battery life results are based on tests that measure how long a device can play music continuously with Wi-Fi turned off or how long it can play video with Wi-Fi turned off and brightness set at 50%.

Nokia’s Battery Life Results

6) Processors, Ram and Storage – Is it enough?

Nokia has been making mobile phones since the 1980s, so it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing. One of the biggest worries that people have when considering a phone is whether or not it will be enough for their needs. In general, most people will find that the latest Nokia cell phones have enough memory and processing power for their needs.

#1 – It can handle multi-tasking with ease

#2 – It has an excellent battery life

#3 – It comes with pre-installed apps

#4 – It has Google Maps pre-installed

#5 – The camera is fantastic for taking pictures in different lighting conditions

7) Camera Quality – Can I Take Decent Photos With One of these?

Nokia has been making cell phone cameras for years now, and if you’re looking for one that takes great pictures, this is the one for you. The image quality on these phones is astounding, and the pictures are high quality. The colors are realistic, there’s no distortion with the lenses, and it’s not blurry when you zoom in on an object. You get a lot of detail in these photos too–you’ll be able to see individual hairs on someone’s arm or the texture of fabric at their neckline.

8) Why Should I Care About Audio Quality on a Dumbphone?

Nokia is one of the most popular mobile phone manufacturers in the world. With over 600 million mobile phones sold, they are well-known for their quality and longevity. And audio quality on Nokia cellular phones is something that should never be overlooked. You may think that since it’s a dumbphone, you don’t need to worry about sound quality. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The sound clarity on an old Nokia was comparable to an expensive high-end iPhone or Android today!

9) Should I be Worried about my Privacy when Using this Phone?

Nokia phones are a great choice for those concerned about privacy. From the factory, all data on the phone is encrypted and locked by default. This means that, without your personal password or PIN number, nobody can access your content. Additionally, all new smartphones are built with hardware-level encryption that prevents any third party from accessing it. The only time you will have to worry about your privacy is when you put something on Facebook or upload photos on Instagram. When it comes to cell phone security, there’s no such thing as too much!

10) Does it Work with My Service Provider in my Country/Region/State?

Nokia phones are all over the world, so you can use your phone in any country. I’m in the United States and we have many different wireless providers. I found that some of my friends were using Nokia phones and they work with their service provider in their area. If you’re considering purchasing a new cell phone, make sure it works with your service provider before you buy it!

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