1stepsystem- A One Step Internet Marketing Revolution

Hello, and welcome to one of my favorite platforms here on Medium – internet marketing. I’m not going to lie in my last article it came as a bit confusing where all the information is coming from and how to get started with it. So today we are going to talk about something that I enjoy writing about. It is called “1StepSystem” which is like an eCommerce website but for search engines and tools to manage your leads and make conversions easier and faster for you.

1Stepsystem does everything right from finding new prospects, collecting email contact details and much more, there are different steps you can take and have more ways to reach out to people through these channels.

1StepSystem has done the hard work for you in building this amazing platform, so let us go over what is this program about and what its benefits are to help build successful websites at scale.

Why Is This Program Important?

1Stepsystem helps you grow your business by being able to target any audience. From users on your site to those who use Google or Bing to find products they like using this software, this helps you reach your ideal customers in every way possible and allows you to make targeted ads (on any device) or run different campaigns (on desktop and mobile) based on their behavior and how many pages they visit. You can create ad campaign specific to user interest, gender, age or location, etc.

Benefits Of Using The Software For Your Business

1StepSystem also allows you to better understand how visitors behave across devices, such as desktop to mobile or mobile to desktop, etc. As such you can design your own template to display according to these two types of audiences or even customize your ad campaign based upon their interests to show up when they might not want to see them. When these audiences become their primary clients, you can easily identify and know exactly who they are through what they have visited your site for and how many times. Once you have identified the visitor type, then you can tailor your ad campaign based on their searches to make sure your ideal customer sees the advert that resonates with who they are.

How Does 1StepSystem Work?

Let’s dig a little deeper into how this works and what kinds of things this software does for you. Let’s start with the basics first. All of the technology goes into it as well as some key features 1StepSystem has:

1 step system is actually a series of ‘channels’ that work together to form a funnel. Each channel helps promote your product or service to the right person using the right type of message. Channels are usually organized by stage of buying from the point the person starts looking toward purchase (or conversion) into checkout and finally into purchases. There are channels that promote social media as well. These channels also have subchannels, for example Facebook ads, YouTube ads and more to help support your sales efforts.

You will notice that each channel has its own unique page, so keep that in mind while creating your funnel. Here is an example:

A simple overview of a channel page:

The funnel pages are designed to match the user’s particular journey, be it a quick lead to buy, or perhaps to learn more about your product. There is no predefined structure, so you can adjust your strategy according to your needs and desires.

The funnel pages feature several sections that include content, video lessons, videos and slideshows. If you are used to online courses, these pages usually come first as a series after the main course. They also include multiple tracks of similar content, especially if you are trying to do SEO.

The funnel channels also give you your tracking code to track progress throughout your web journey using clickstream. You can view a complete list of tracking codes here. We recommend you look for keywords like [clickid] or https://medium.com/@jason.

Once you have mastered your funnel and built your perfect funnel template to serve to visitors throughout your site, then you can focus on optimizing your existing website to serve the highest level of traffic and conversion rate. Then you can select the best platform for your brand and try it out until you identify what works best and then optimize further. The same process applies to ad campaigns to ensure the optimal conversion rate.

Here is a sample of how you can optimize your brand: 1StepSystem will work with WordPress, with Magento, with Drupal and others. To get set up download the free trial for 30 days and join our community. Follow along as we move forward.

To sign up for a 14 day trial, you should go to this link link.

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