3 Smart Reasons Why You Should Consider Paying For Your blog

I’ve been blogging on for just over six years now and not once did it cross my mind that there was a possibility, that someday, people would start paying for blog posts. But even then, I didn’t really think that people would ever pay for it. The thought never crossed my mind at all. I thought it was just only going to be something the rich people were doing with their money. We had no way of proving what that was. It was just something that would turn into another thing they could charge their friends to read. No one else was having any interest in reading and after a while, that became my own problem. Maybe it was a symptom of the time period we lived in but I just couldn’t see how anyone could make money from something other than writing.

The internet is changing more and more every day as more people find out about new ways of making income online. With so many options available online, sometimes people find themselves getting left out of the loop sometimes not realizing the full potential of digital content creators. To make the most of digital content creation on your own blog, you need to know why you should consider paying for your post. Here are three reasons why you should consider paying for your blog.

  1. Money Makes Nothing More

Money is everything when it comes to living life. Sometimes we get frustrated with our finances which can often lead us to want things like fast money or a better lifestyle. When it comes to blogging, blogging can bring us a lot of money but nothing more. If you create quality content that attracts readers and provides them satisfaction, in return, you will have plenty of followers who will come back to read what you write. Whether you’re thinking about a passive income stream or something more exciting like sponsored content, whether it’s affiliate marketing or advertising, the fact remains that blogging creates so much value for both the blogger and the reader. Spending money on something doesn’t guarantee success. Unless you plan for it, it won’t be worth it.

  1. Real Life Isn’t Everything

Sometimes you get fed up with being alone. That feeling of loneliness can be very difficult to combat. However if you have a blog, you’ll always have people by your side in the times you feel isolated. People love working with others. They like putting up with your mistakes and looking out for eachother. On top of this, a blog allows you to share your stories and connect with others. This also makes you feel connected to the world. There are millions of different communities out there and if you go on Medium, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you’ll always find people who are willing to help you through whatever troubles you have. Writing for someone is just as rewarding. Not only do you want to hear that your idea is accepted but you get to live out your dreams. Just as we need to move people forward, we need to give people encouragement and hope, as well.

  1. A Community Is Always Ready to Help You

Sometimes we just need it. Things go wrong and there are always going to be those moments. Whether you’re trying to learn a new skill or you just want to talk to someone and vent out a few problems, getting yourself together is what helps you to keep your blog thriving. Most bloggers don’t realize how nice a community can be until they actually take up residence in a bigger and much larger community. And just like any good group, there are people waiting to assist you when you need it. Don’t underestimate the power of a community to reach its goals.

So what exactly is a blog? Basically just a platform where you share your ideas. So now that we’re talking about money, why do we still have to worry about it? Yes, money is important but it shouldn’t be everything that’s important in life. What’s important is understanding the reason why someone would want to support your blog. Sure blogging may seem like a lot of work but it pays off in the long run. Think about it like driving a car. Obviously there’s the initial cost in terms of gas and maintenance but it also takes out the hassle of being in traffic all day. Plus, you can also spend some energy figuring out how to run a blog. So to answer the question of whether you should pay for your blog, here are three reasons of why you should consider it.

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