5 Great Tips On Exercise

If you are looking to get into an exercise routine, it can be a daunting task. But there are ways that you can succeed and achieve great results in your fitness journey. Here are five great tips on exercising that I think will help you to become one of the fittest individuals out there. So, without further ado let’s just get started…

1) Train Your Body In A Way That Keeps You Active

The first step is understanding what kind of exercise you would like to do? Maybe you want to push yourself for a few days because this is your life and you don’t want to give up easily. Perhaps you want to focus on your core and improve your posture, if so then try Pilates or dance ballet (for those who love to dance). It takes time but when done right, it can pay dividends later on.

I always say work to your muscles. If your body doesn’t fire with energy, its time to put some heat back into it. Get the equipment ready for working if possible. Make sure you have access to music. Do not go home and start practicing music. Music will keep rhythm and motivation in check. You can work out at home too. There are many online sites that will allow you to work out at their gym (if you have access to one).

2) Don’t Forget To Stretch As Much During Workouts

It may seem simple but many people forget to stretch as they walk around in their day. They tend to think about how their movements are being perceived by others. When you stand all of your back muscles might look a little sore and tired. This is when you should stretch. Start with your toes. Then your whole body. Then slowly stretch towards your ears, your shoulders and finally your arms. Do this while moving your feet around. Once you are fully stretched get back to where you started. The key is to stay focused. We have limited time to devote to ourselves and we need to give each other time to relax.

3) Try Yoga For At Least Five Minutes

Yoga isn’t quite as complicated as it seems and doesn’t require much time. All you need are a mat, two yoga mats (if using them) plus some yoga accessories. I once did my regular practice in less than five minutes (not bad by any means). Yagasana is a particular pose which is very beneficial for the lower back or legs. Another great pose is Surya Namaskar. You can find more information here. And remember; don’t underestimate your mind. Use the power of meditation.

4) Change How You Breathe

Breathing is something that helps us relax and it gives us clarity. Just like eating the same foods throughout a week, we need our breath to change every so often. Instead of inhaling every time you breathe try holding your breath or taking deep breaths. Take slow deep breaths as you take short breaths to exhale. Or you could also take long deep breaths as you hold your breath. Now, think like a yogi, imagine breathing through the nostrils of different persons at the same rate (think they are blowing air inside their mouth for 10 seconds and then exhaling) for 20 seconds and then imagine sucking up all of the warm air in your lungs into the small opening of your nose (letting in lots of air into the space so the person inside feels more comfortable than outside in the world). Repeat this 2–3 times every hour and your body will feel lighten up. This will also make you feel more refreshed and alert.

5) Move Around Every Single Day

You are going to create new habits and you are going to have to do things out of the norm. No one likes routine and no one has ever been able to stick around the same place for decades. Moving around can help lift your spirits. You need to move! You might even choose to do it right before bedtime so you can look good or because you just need to get the juices flowing. Whatever your choice is, just get going! Have fun! There are plenty of places that you can move around and get moving.

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