7 Spells To Unstoppable Magnetic Attraction

When you’re looking for ways to attract the object of your dreams, a quick and easy spell can help the process go more smoothly. And, as with anything that works to get objects into your life, there are plenty of other things you can do to achieve this goal. But what if you want to find out how to use magnetism in order to make it happen? If you do, then we suggest some simple spells and charms that will work. Let’s dive right in!

  1. The Magic Of Magnetism

How would you feel when someone puts something on your face? In an effort to see their way around a problem, they might put on some jewelry or perhaps some socks with a magnetic charm tied to them. This is known as “magnet”, and it is often used to indicate love. For example, if the person who gives you gifts has a love locket on display, they are likely showing off. A magnet is a powerful force created from strong forces on two sides of a wire, such as iron and copper. In this manner, the magnetic attraction between objects is achieved through static electricity. As they say, “like attracts like, and magnets are attracted by magnets.” In fact, you can use a magnet to help you attract a new partner, friend, dog, or any number of other items.

For example, imagine holding a pair of scissors to your own hair. There’s probably nothing better than seeing yourself without the sharpness. Not only will you be feeling amazing, but the blades will always be nearby. So let’s try the same trick to our advantage. Next time you catch yourself wearing glasses, hold one to your nose and turn it counterclockwise three times while keeping the other side facing down. Now switch back to the reverse order. Repeat these actions again and then tilt your head to have your eyebrows pressed against the frame of glasses. You will have all eyes on you as you move your hands, as if it were magic. After several minutes of doing this over and over again, you should start to notice the magic around you begin to change.

  1. Chakra Protection Through Magick

Magik is also known as magick. It is the practice of using magic tools with intention and intention. Often times magick involves manipulating chakras by balancing them on either side of your body. With so many chakras, it often has to be done at least five different times before you find the perfect combination. Here are some tips to keep magick at bay. First, make sure your environment is cool enough to meditate or visualize. Second, keep things to a minimum at first. That means no electronics, books, phones, etc. Third, listen to mantras to balance chakras. These are words that come directly from the divine word of wisdom or knowledge. Finally, take advantage of any space in which you can store magick, whether that’s home or office. Perhaps a broom closet can provide a lot more magic than just being able to reach it, making it a place where magick can thrive. Once you have established a safe space for magick, you can start testing each area. For instance, you may find yourself easily reaching a pocket full or even reaching up to touch the wind. By simply moving around, your mind begins to settle to a state of calm. Be sure to pay attention to which areas are working best in particular spaces so that you may continue to balance them or utilize your energy in new ways when needed.

  1. Make Your Dreams Come True

Whether you’re looking to manifest money, love, success, money, fame, health or anything else, it’s important to know the power you hold within. Knowing how to get whatever you desire requires knowing about your subconscious mind—the part of your brain that isn’t currently thinking and is constantly looking for answers and solutions to problems. Most people tend to think that there must be a connection between our thoughts and what the universe does to us, but the truth is that there isn’t. Some believe that the energies we give to the world and are receiving in return is necessary to exist. Others think that all that happens is a reflection of the Universe, and yet others claim that it is merely inauthentic and not really theirs. Whatever you believe in, and however big the vision seems, your focus will eventually shift to the bigger picture.

One way to create the most powerful manifestation is to understand why you have it in the first place. What are your goals? Is it monetary, spiritual growth, happiness, fulfillment, peace or prosperity? Are these things within your control and will you ever be free from them? How would you describe the situation to yourself? Do you feel you would be happier with a specific outcome if it was exactly how they wanted you to be? Having the ability to direct your energy to what you want to experience will allow you to harness the power you already hold. It is important to note that you don’t need to set up elaborate rituals in order to bring about changes in your reality. Just having faith and positivity will do wonders in helping to attract what you desire.

As previously mentioned, your goal is what is happening right now. Everything else comes after. Sometimes our perspective can actually interfere with our ability to see what we want. Many people who are plagued by constant doubts about life and the future are usually not aware of their dreams or intentions. At worst, they might think they are dreaming when they aren’t, or at best they are too busy worrying about the past to consider what the future holds. Unfortunately, many people who dream about success can never accomplish their goals because they don’t set enough time to reflect on themselves. They don’t read the stories their dreams tell them. They don’t read the signs. They don’t follow the advice given to them for any real reason. We all have dreams. However, they can become nightmares if we fail to realize them. Don’t let anyone stop you from getting what you want, especially those from outside your circle for fear of making a fool of ourselves. Set aside some time every day to reflect on your dreams or intentions and remember why you are pursuing them. One way to do this is through visualization practice. Simply close your eyes to envision yourself living the life you want to experience. Visualization doesn’t have to mean writing down your feelings; it could simply mean imagining yourself waking up, eating breakfast and walking to school. Or even going on vacation once your schedule allows it. Whether you choose to sit at home practicing yoga or go somewhere completely outdoors, you can do so. Even if just for 15 minutes, it can have profound results. While researching visualization techniques online, reading this post on how to visually stimulate your imagination brought to mind two of my favorite ideas. They are called zen and yin. Read on to learn about their benefits.

Zen Meditation

A common practice among Buddhists is meditation. Zen is defined as sitting cross-legged and focusing on your breath. Usually, this would involve placing one hand on its side while the other is resting on the floor on the opposite leg. On purpose. (You can choose to remain crossed-legged if you prefer). Think of meditating as an awareness practice: You become open to everything around you. Take in the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of your surroundings. The more present you become, the easier your life will become. Imagine doing this daily for 5 minutes. No judgement. Get comfortable and sit comfortably, close your eyes and breathe deep and true. Focus on the present moment: smell, taste and sound. Focus on your breathing and sensations in your body. Notice what is going on around you. Feel what’s happening in your body. Consider what you desire or need. Then start bringing those into your present time. Keep your heart open and open your mind. Find where you are and what you need. Relax and enjoy the moments right now.

Yin Meditation

This method is very similar to both yoga and meditation. Yin meditation focuses on opening up your entire being to experience the flow or harmony of nature. Sit comfortably on a chair with your hands placed on the ground and gaze upon the earth and sky. Keeping your eyes closed, visualize yourself floating on top of a river flowing freely and effortlessly through endless channels. Breathe throughout your whole body. Open your belly and draw your awareness to the earth beneath feet and toes, the river beneath pelvis and abdomen, and everything below the knees. Become as still as possible. Allow the elements to enter, but feel them leave, allowing you to float freely above them. Explore all the places and things in front of you. Bring all your senses down to the ground, allowing your awareness to focus exclusively on your surroundings. Look upward at the clouds, waterfalls and trees; think about where you wish to go next. Close your eyes and relax. Allow all your senses to awaken in unison. Use all your mental powers to focus on your surroundings. Stay awake as much as you can. Try to stay fully present in any activity or situation that demands it. Allow yourself to be mindful of what you wish to manifest and to let your mind wander, allowing your mind to engage more deeply in your day-to-day activities.

  1. Where Does Magic Live Inside Me?

Magick is not a technique that can be practiced and applied, but rather a gift. Our spirits have a sense of familiarity, and when used correctly, can communicate with us. One important place to use magick is to connect with an individual who shares your beliefs or desires. Maybe they are a minister, priest, healer, psychic, teacher, spiritual leader, and so forth

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