A Cure For The Age Old Problem Of Hair Loss

It is common knowledge the world of social media has created a plethora of issues in our lives. One issue that I find particularly interesting but that also affects many millions, even if they’re not aware of it, is hair loss. There’s something else to say about this subject, so I’ll try and get straight to it. According to some, there is no cure for hair loss (or any other age-related problem that can be faced). We have tried everything from diet to surgery to supplements, and nothing works, right? To my mind, at least. I think it’s because we live in such an era where people use all sort of miracle cures or things they think will fix their problems. As much as we love hearing about products like shampoos, lotions, and other stuff to help us stay healthy and look younger, it doesn’t always seem to do us good in the long run. Maybe it’s just the way we grew up and that’s what made us believe that you could always find answers and solve every issue your facing with a “cure.” Let’s face it… the truth is, not everyone wants to hear about a cure for cancer, for example. Most people want to know how to protect themselves against the cold, keep warm during winter, how to never grow older, etc. But no one really seems to care anymore. I guess it’s human nature. People like looking young, don’t they? Isn’t being considered old by the standards of today more depressing than someone losing their hair? I know it’s very difficult to feel young when you have had a few years in between ages, but still…. I think not everyone wants to be known as the girl who lost her hair and didn’t care. Maybe they would rather just say they were tired of ageing, which means they look young enough. Or maybe they don’t think having beautiful blonde/brown tresses is what matters. Either way, nobody ever talks about a cure. Unless a celebrity came along and started talking about it, then a whole new generation was born and all will change with the passage of time and growing older. Nobody even cares about “hair loss,” unless it’s related to social media.

What I personally like about having hair loss is that it makes me more confident and able to tell my authentic self. When people are insecure or jealous I tend to lean towards those characteristics. Just like anybody would when they’re insecure about something. So what’s wrong with trying to be younger all the time and being proud of anything? Sure, it may be hard sometimes, but that’s part of life. If you’re going to lose your hair you’ll eventually gain confidence, trust, and understanding of yourself. You can’t lose it all at once, so start small, take things day by day, and figure out what’s best for your. Don’t let social media ruin your plans, and enjoy your youth. You deserve it!

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As I began exploring the web more, I discovered the blogging platform. It seemed quite easy to use, publish, and promote the blog. Even with all the resources available, I’d never done SEO before. As I continued to create content, I realized my audience is getting larger and better informed. I started using Youtube to edit my videos and began experimenting with Instagram, a much easier platform that allows users to post their own content and allow others to share it. Then I discovered Pinterest, another social platform that allows artists to showcase their creations. That’s when I decided to upload my artwork on these two websites to start making money. As I began posting on several other sites, I learned that my voice was needed. I wasn’t going to be silenced because I stopped posting regularly. I had to become famous!

Eventually, I found my niche. Not everyone loves traveling, although my grandmother loves travelling and has been doing it for more than 50 years, so she’s definitely onto something. She’s also the owner of a local wedding planning business and was constantly searching for an influencer to handle the event planning for her clientele. Her clients used to hire bloggers and writers to manage their weddings. Therefore, most of the work was already handled by Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. This wasn’t for her anyway. Her parents had already taken charge of her wedding plans, which meant that she had to wait until she had someone who she knew and trusted to set the ball rolling. I decided to go full-time on both sides of this business and manage her events. Finally! Someone who loves to travel and will accept a challenge. No money and no bridesmaids—that’s not a bad combo. Soon I created a list of events I wanted and posted them on my blog and Youtube.

In the beginning it took quite a bit, but eventually it managed to pick up. In April 2018, I was accepted into New York Fashion week and received an invitation to speak at their Women in Design Conference. My mom and dad were also invited to attend. They both worked as designers and even offered to fund my trip. At $200 a ticket plus hotel and plane tickets, that felt fairly reasonable to me. I had a budget and a plan. I told myself that I wasn’t going to get this far without funding and I wouldn’t reach that level, so I went. On Saturday June 8th I received my email with the money. Oh my gosh, thank god it came from my moms. Thank god it came from me, my mother (who I have not seen since 2016). Thank god she chose this moment to tell me what I could use it for.

I didn’t see how much I could use it. Everything. Nothing. So I immediately went on Insta and uploaded my image and sent it off to anyone who had a pin that looked exactly like mine (I thought it would work). After sending the link to my mom and dad. She accepted instantly, as did my friends. Within five minutes, three requests had come in. Two weeks later and I got the money. What the hell? I thought? Yes, I was expecting this after all the negative feedback. As I opened the packet my legs gave it an awkward wiggle. How could I have possibly gotten anything out of it? Oh well, then I opened it. It was nearly finished. I put down the paper bag, ripped open the envelope, and took out the key:

It took me a second to breathe. I’m nervous about this. Now my mom and dad are home and I need to get them involved. Who will be responsible for taking care of my baby? Well, let’s see. I’ll talk to them. By the end of the weekend, I finally heard back from them and we got together. They’ll be here Friday and I’ll see them in person. Mom promised me that she’d call me soon and check in on us. That’s when I knew something was right..

I’m going on vacation. Are baby showers necessary? Of course, what do you do when you’re on vacation? Take pictures. I’ll post photos of our family holiday, throw my hands in the air, and tell my mom how cute I look now. Yeah, right, right. I did that for 45 seconds. I think the only reason we didn’t move in together sooner is because I am afraid she’d forget about me while we were gone. Okay, I guess it’s better for the baby than moving in together. Can I bring a blanket and pillows? Yes, I sure can, how about four blankets and pillows? Sure, what about six blankets and pillows? Alright, you like my last question. I might need diapers, wipes, extra water bottles, toys, formula, etc…

Now there’s a chance that my mother and father will ask me questions about why I was going on vacation. Why would I want a break? Is this worth it? Does it even matter? Why should I even bother? I’m pregnant now. I’m not going to show it if I go on vacation. I’m sorry to have hurt your feelings and hope you find peace of mind knowing you’re not alone in your anxiety. Life isn’t perfect and you’re not always going to have problems like me. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel and I promise you that I’ll get better over time. Because I’m still learning and experiencing it. Until then, keep going my friend. Keep hustling on this journey…

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