Five Things You Need to Know about Writing Articles

If you’re looking to write as an author, make sure you’ve got this down: you need to know how to get into the habit of writing a blog post every day if you want to achieve success as a writer.

This is what I’m about to tell you. Keep in mind that I’ve been blogging for over 15 years now, with no sign of stopping at all. So what should I learn? Here are five things to keep in mind before you start writing articles:

Five Things I Learned From Being a Blogger For Over 15 Years!

1) It’s Not the Number of Views That Matter Most… It May Be How Much Money You’ve Made Since the Day You Started.

Well, okay, so it may not seem like much when you first start out so it may seem like much more than you’d think, but when it comes to making money as a blogger and earning money from your articles every week, your number one priority may not be the number of views on your article, but rather the amount of income you have made since the very moment you started. Let me explain…

The secret to being successful in blogging is to not focus on numbers and things like “hundreds” and “thousands” at any given time but more so when you’re just getting going. Remember when you first started out and were still figuring out your niche? This was also the same thing when you’re just starting out even though you had already published some articles already or even been asked to be part of a forum. The main goal here is to find your own audience to help you succeed the way you need to become successful as a writing blogger in the future, but for the most part you won’t ever see views at all unless you’re actually working on producing and posting articles regularly which will probably take a lot of time and effort. Your best bet would probably be to work on content for other websites to gain popularity and build your readership as well which might take a while.

2) Don’t Ignore Social Media

If you’re new to content writing then social media is where you want to spend a lot of attention at as you’ll quickly learn that it’s a great way to gain knowledge about your subject of writing without having to go back through and through books, research papers and such to get information that could possibly affect your life in some way. No matter how many times you read articles that say something along the lines of “I’m writing my essay today because I saw a really cool tweet from someone who knows everything about X”, this is usually a lie as you don’t need to do anything except read the quote to know its meaning, but it does show you that you have to pay attention even if it is completely wrong because the point is to keep up with what’s happening right now. There is always news coming out so why waste time scrolling through an article to understand it before reading it yourself? Especially when you’re only paying attention to Twitter because it’s currently trending. Don’t stay on Twitter too long because chances are it’s not going to be popular. Also, don’t forget to check out their feeds too, see if they’re doing giveaways, talk about different topics and share their posts to your followers as well to show them that they’re worth their salt. Use these as tips for writing pieces on topics that are interesting to you and maybe even let them guide you for future projects. Lastly! Make sure to check out a site like Medium in order to get a sense of what your current readers are saying. Take the time to browse and find people that inspire you to write or to publish topics. Try to listen to the conversations on there and then write down specific questions that you would like to ask about the piece or the topic for example. After all the talking, what is important is that you write a good piece and submit it and hopefully someone will like it enough to give it a try or even buy your book through Amazon. I can’t stress this enough. When you write something, write something that people will like and also try it, but don’t ignore social media. Get involved in the conversation so you’re not left out because you’re too shy to speak up. If you find yourself being blocked by a certain website, that’s okay. Focus on getting better so that you can continue creating quality content. Just remember not to get distracted by fake stuff, it is all worth it. My dream is to one day be one of those writers whose ability to connect with others and express oneself becomes second nature.

3) Read To Write

When you’re just beginning out and creating a little bit of a blog, you tend to focus all of your energy on what you can write and not what you’re thinking, but when you start to write a piece of writing, you begin to notice that you can write whatever you can. Yes, you can just make up words to describe your feelings, thoughts and feelings about anything. But once you start spending a few hours daily and several hundred words every day, you start becoming more aware of your emotions and thoughts and how you feel about different subjects. As you progress and develop as a writer, you start recognizing the difference between writing and acting (or whatever you want to call it) and start realizing what makes the world around you as we know it and how we react to things around us. Even though you may not have noticed it yet, your brain starts becoming clearer. When you realize what makes the world around you the way it is, then you start understanding it in a whole new light and feel a deeper connection to the world around you and the people within it. And as easy as it seems to write about the problems of the world, when in reality, there are so many people trying to solve those problems and that doesn’t make them any less of a problem and just because you want it or are tired of doing so, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Instead, focus on solving the issues within society with a clear head and a heart that is willing to listen to your experience and think outside the box from the normal thinking patterns. When you’re writing something, stop worrying about what the people outside of your village think or what the opinions of people who are not of your community are like. What matters is what you write about and the story that you’re telling and that is often bigger than anything else because it represents you.

4) Go with Your Passion

Your passion is your source of motivation and determination to carry on with your goals even if it means staying at home or spending hours at your desk, or however long it takes until you complete that project. Sure it’ll be easier and harder to stick with your hobby as you get older, but you need to know that the job will eventually come to an end and if you love it, it shouldn’t be enough to keep you going!

If you love what you do, commit to doing what you’re doing, and you’ll always be successful because you’re passionate about your field. It’s important to not look to the people of the past and rely on the fact that people did it before you, but instead, use what you’ve learned to create a new path for yourself. There are plenty of examples on YouTube of people who decided to pursue their dreams despite not having any prior experience, but they were able to turn their passions into something that paid off. People who had never really thought about what they wanted to write, or how they wanted to write about it but after hearing the advice that their friends had to offer them, they committed to writing something and went ahead to get their hands on a laptop and an internet connection in order to start crafting and writing about it. They didn’t have any idea how to start writing, or how to be successful at it, but they were able to make their dream a reality. These are examples of people who didn’t get anywhere, but they wanted to, even if no one knew it even existed. Maybe you want to be a doctor, or perhaps you want to make jewelry or maybe you just want to make videos. Whatever the case may be, you can follow some people’s journey and do what you want to do and achieve what you want to achieve.

5) Stop Worrying and Start Chasing Goals.

Do not worry yourself so much about what’s next when the day is finally going to show up and the next date isn’t that far away. A day will never tell you what’s next for you, because there are always next dates in our lives. The key is you don’t focus on what happens tomorrow; instead you focus on what you can control in your life and use that to live on the edge of success in any field that you choose to pursue. In short, don’t think about anything beyond what’s right in front of you right now. Think about what things you can control and make use of those as you can. If it gets cold and windy, grab an umbrella (a cheap one, no excuses). If you’re stressed because you need to write about something, don’t focus on that; focus on what you’re going to do next time, and see if you can move on with your article. Focus on what you have been doing so far and see what’s going well and what you need to add more elements to the text. Sometimes the only thing keeping you on the right track is nothing else, but to focus on one thing.

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