The age-old question do you need a website

the age old question do you need a website

With the ever-growing technology on offer, there’s no better way to be an entrepreneur than by having a website – for any kind of business or company. But do you need one? Does it make sense? Or even if you don’t, do you think it should be enough? It is very simple and straightforward. Here’s a quick run down of what needs to be thought about when building your own website, in order to have a well structured website for your business or company.

Website Content & Design

First and foremost, consider whether the business name has already been taken into consideration in choosing the name for the website. If that isn’t the case, then either get a second opinion from someone or a family member. Make sure you also check if there is something else that can potentially link back to the website domain for other purposes. For example, Google Search Engine optimization (SEO)

is important in the search engine ranking process. This helps find your target audience in a more efficient manner. For example, here in this post I searched how to build a blog site on WordPress for beginners, so you can get some idea for designing and how to start and what to look for in making the right choice for your project.

For any kind of business or company, there are many things to keep in mind while crafting your website content and design. That’s why there is always a reason as to why a professional web designer will take less time at home. There can be no excuse to not know what type of content you want to include on your site, which can directly determine your success. How good is your SEO technique? Are you adding relevant keywords along with great title tags? Creating attractive images? What are you searching for while typing in search engines? Is there anything to be considered before putting up your links and keywords? How long should your pages be for? And so much more. So do the above questions cross your mind on deciding whether you really need a website to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Website Layout

Choosing the layout or overall website structure is important in determining whether you need a website. Different kinds of businesses require different layouts. Your first priority may be the navigation area. Think about the purpose behind your main content and all the information you want to discuss in your site. Then, decide on whether you need multiple tabs for each category, a side bar for social media or a button in your header, a landing page to launch your products or contact people etc. Make sure to understand the needs of your visitors to gain maximum results. Consider changing the layout while still keeping the same or similar contents to what they have seen during their day-to-day browsing.

What About Web Hosting

If you are considering using hosting, you must think about these three questions of hoster, server and hosting. The first thing to do is to plan out what you want your website to look like. Whether it is a personal website or a commercial brand, the final result will depend upon your budget. When it comes to web hosting, the main priority is the speed and loading speeds. Another consideration is the pricing to make sure you have access to affordable plans. Most web hosting companies will provide free hosting or have premium features for their users. Take note of the data center location. If your site is located in another country, make sure to take notice of how fast and reliable it is provided with servers, load balancers, CPU and RAM. Also be careful about the kind of equipment required and maintenance. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t overspend on certain features. However, go ahead and try it, the more you utilize the services, the more affordable it gets. Once everything is set up, let the rest of the work fall to you.


So far you’ve learned that you need a website for any kind of business. Now it is time to think and see where you stand, make decisions and start doing it yourself. Whatever the reason, don’t forget about it. Don’t allow people to dictate your choices whether you need a website or not! Just use the resources available within your reach, and try to create a masterpiece!

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