Tips To Keyword Efficiency

As search engines have become increasingly sophisticated, they are now used to make a person’s life a lot easier and faster. That is why it has become essential to not only know the right words but also how well you can communicate with them in order to get your desired results. There are several tips that will help you on this journey!

Knowing Your Target Audience

The first thing that might confuse you is knowing what keywords are in which topic you are looking for. One of the most important things that you need to know is how people search. Search for topics in a keyword related field, a subtopic, even a word or two. It does not take long before you realize the difference in the number of searches per day. You may come across a significant gap between your target audience and their actual searches.

There are many tools such as Google Adwords ad tools, online analytics tools, etc., that will tell you about your keywords’ search volume and how often users are coming to each of them. In addition to that, there are several apps that provide suggestions. These are usually based on specific words, phrases, words and similar ones. Moreover, try using some other sources that can suggest your keyword ideas. They usually provide statistics for each keyword. The best tool for this is The reason why we recommend that you use this is because it is the one that supports all languages!

Some of these tools include SEMrush, Moz, Ahrefs, Semrush, google Adwords. A quick reference is needed to understand where to apply these tools. If you do not have a good understanding of keywords or don’t even know the language you are going to work, these tools should be your guide!

Creating Quality Titles And Headlines

Creating quality titles and headlines are a great way to show up as a professional writer. Not only do these terms help increase your CTR (Click Through Rate) but they ensure that people who land on your content can get exactly what they want. Creating a title is key but the headline itself is just as important. Make sure to check out examples from successful entrepreneurs who have gone viral on social media. Then look at ways in which others are doing it so you can emulate their technique. For example, an entrepreneur can have a catchy title like “How I made $200k in 6 months and $10k in 2 years”. That way, potential audiences will remember your story and can come back to you if there is any opportunity to earn. However, be careful not to go beyond being a clickbait or overly descriptive titles. Remember, people are always skeptical when reading something they do not believe in so avoid anything that might sound clickbait.

You might think that simply writing a detailed article is enough, but if the title is so easy to click on then the reader probably wants more. Keep the headlines simple when possible! Don’t overthink things but keep enough time to explain your idea and share relevant information. So let the reader discover what you really want to write about. This will make sure that readers cannot leave without seeing a satisfying ending.

Answering Questions

So, how do answers to questions happen? Well, you need to answer questions if someone else is asking one. When people ask us questions, we usually answer them and when people ask another question, we usually answer it too. You might feel tempted to fill the box as much as possible with answers. We all have a different approach when answering questions. Some people want to give away every single part of themselves while others prefer to share only parts of what they have to say. Be careful not to over think things and have enough time of explanation to provide good answers. Try not to waste information since that might lead to missing out on opportunities in the future.

Always keep your topic in mind whenever you start writing. The easiest way to forget everything is to begin with finding a new term or sentence that will allow the reader to find a new angle of thinking, a more clear vision of what you want them to write about and make them wonder what it could mean. The same goes for research papers. Just don’t copy anyone because everyone has something different to say and that makes things interesting. Good old methods have worked for millennia before a digital age came out.


Writing your own blog/article will surely teach you a few skills that nobody else taught you. Nevertheless, you must always remember that people will search for you with similar keywords, so don’t rush into things just yet. Take the necessary time to develop your writing skills from home by creating titles and headlines. Once you master those tricks, you can start writing for money. After you master the basics, it won’t be that hard to write amazing articles on Medium as well as on popular websites like Forbes and Entrepreneur. You will learn to enjoy writing about whatever type of topic interests you!

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