Top 3 Tips researched to get your website on the

If you are new to developing a website, then your first and foremost task is to get your website on the Google search ranking pages. The Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the vital elements that will help your business to rank in the search engine results. But, finding keywords that can be easily matched with the searched keywords is not an easy job. Many people make mistake on choosing their target keyword. So, let us tell you about these top three tips that help us to find our target keywords.

Use Headlines Instead Of Keywords

When we search for something, it has some type of headline. You may come across many headlines. When we search the same thing as the given title, they have many chances to match with each other. And most of them match properly. That is why, you need proper headline for making the search result more relevant. However, it’s only possible when you do proper research and choose a good title for the search result. Don’t write unnecessary words because they don’t have any meaning. Use the most commonly used keywords to make your content better. The word “write” will definitely attract lots of visitors to your site. But, “write” isn’t enough to show your SEO-friendly content and improve your organic ranking. Try to use appropriate words that describes well your company and products. You just need to fill the right gaps because Google prefers to see different combinations of words. This is called keyword stuffing and it also creates confusion in users when they try to search the product. It’s not just a technical term; this is also applied in real life. Therefore, try to avoid using long words for writing posts. Write short sentences and keep your posts concise. Keep your description simple and don’t go much beyond the topic in the post. Be original and focus on the main idea.

Don’t Forget About Images!

Every page on your site needs to have its picture. For example, if you want to sell cars, your website should include images of all types and sizes. Nowadays many websites also ask their customers to upload photos too. So, they can collect the data from internet on their own database when they post an image. And then use this data like credit card number, zip code, address, etc., to determine whether or not your car is up for sale. Just upload photos of your car to the Google API, place the URL of your car in your post and give all information about your vehicle in your story. In every blog article, there must be an image link. So, try to use the maximum capacity of this tool like Google Display Networking Tools for uploading images to your website. Make sure you don’t exceed the limit by adding inappropriate images.


To become popular among your potential buyers, you need to develop quality content. So, you need to know how to add keywords to your content, and how to add pictures to your website. After knowing those steps, now you need a little time to complete all steps. Once you start getting backlinks from other sites or social media pages of the same niche, your rankings will go up. And once your target keywords are out there, now you need to think how it will help to improve the SEO-friendly content. If your goal is to show your latest and best deals and deals for your product, so make sure that you post your latest offers on various online platforms in order to increase the user count. You can always reach out to me through my contact details and I will guide you to start working on your strategy. There are times when you need special training, so get in touch with me and we can resolve the issue. Thanks for reading my first article. Hope this helps!

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