Why do we need eye creams?

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Eye creams are often overlooked in your eye care routine, but if you have an astigmatism condition like farsightedness, I can promise you that a regular eye cream treatment will be of the utmost importance in helping your vision. There’s no excuse for not getting a good eye cream! It’s so important to remember that treating a minor thing like astigmatism is better than doing nothing at all. Don’t wait! Try out any of these eye treatments today!

  1. Tereconinum Canker

According to ophthalmologist Dr. David Tepper, tereconinum canker is a prescription eye-care product used in low concentrations for the inflammation of conjunctivitis (often caused by allergic reactions or severe allergies), cornea allergy (due to pollen) or contact lens allergic reaction (due to latex). It’s safe to use as there isn’t any known hazard to the eyes. Most topical creams work with other formulations and, when combined with antibiotics, they tend to be much worse than taking a single antibiotic every few days. The medication in tereconinum canker has been found to also work effectively at reducing irritation in children. As such, it’s best to take tereconinum instead of one-time-only antibiotic eye drops. This doesn’t mean that tereconinum canker can’t be used on its own, however.

  1. Restylane

According to Dr. David Bower, Restylane is another popular brand of eye cream which is known as both hyaluronic acid and retinyl alcohol (the substance that helps the skin become a soft, pliable surface). The two products work together really well in conjunction, working to restore water loss, promote healing, and protect against infection. However, the Restylane range that I’ve recommended most recently is the Hyaluverone Acetate 40/60.4%, a 20% concentration. In fact, this gel works exceptionally well to smooth wrinkles and age spots. It also has antibacterial properties against some common bacteria which causes acne such as Staphylococcus aureus, Neisseria gonorrhea and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

  1. Trialta®

Trialta is formulated from acetylcholine chloride and triethanolamine. Not only does Trialta have gentle exfoliation effects but it also improves overall eye health, allowing for more flawless-looking eyesight – if used properly. Trialta is very good for treating a range of other eye irritations and symptoms including redness, swelling, itching and sensitivity to light. The most recent version by Trialta is called X6030 and is available at pharmacies across the UK, Ireland, Germany and Switzerland in 30-40 ml packs. Once again, Trialta has proven itself to be extremely effective. And, according to my doctor, since the formulation was first introduced back in 2005, X6030 has always gone very well over time. It’s a very successful formula for me, and there’s a reason why it’s well known.

I find myself using lots of different eye cream brands but I am always happy with what I’ve got. So for those who are interested in trying new options or just want to try something a little bit different, I wouldn’t hesitate to give your local pharmacy a call. They carry many different types of tretinoin, I’m sure you’ll find something within their range you haven’t seen before!

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