You Really Can Make a Million on the Internet

We’ve all heard stories about how the internet is just killing us, and you can certainly do the same thing online. One of our friends who made a million dollars on the internet says it was easy and could be done. Here’s an example of his story and how he did it. He told us that he had decided to make a $1.6 billion dollar net profit by selling websites online. His website focused on marketing to people looking for jobs. So when one day there was a job posting for one of their clients, they clicked through to his site. And he started making money every time someone looked up one of his sites. They were earning so much money that he decided to keep it going for awhile. There was nothing else to do now though! He sold out in two days and a half, but he wasn’t ready to stop yet. After a few weeks, he stopped and let out the full profits. Not only was he happy with what he had made, but it motivated him even more. Then one day he began seeing another client, they seemed to be doing pretty well too. It made me think of the story of this man I read once. My dad used to buy lots of products from them when we were kids. But my dad didn’t have the ability to see what they actually made and if it was any good. Now, I wanted to make sure that I would get in on the action with my own site. I told myself that it wouldn’t take long but it would need a little bit of work, as I hadn’t built many websites before. There are plenty of sites that you can use already, but some will take longer to figure out than others. Also, I needed to know how much my site cost and how much money I would get for each sale. That way I could decide how much I needed to spend. At first, I was hesitant because most other sites took away your money once you made a purchase. With me being new and trying something that nobody had done before, I didn’t want to risk losing it so I kept putting it off to later. Eventually I gave up on the idea and went back to work on my website. Even though I did need help, my Dad had taught me everything I needed to know. I learned the ins and outs of HTML and CSS, and my site worked very well. After finally having my website up and running, I realized that I was really not spending much anymore. When I saw what had been paid for it I knew exactly how much of it I was getting for each sale. Now I spend maybe 1 percent or 2 percent of what I make on ads. Most of my money goes towards building my website and paying for its upkeep. I also have a membership plan for people to pay monthly. All in all, it has been a very successful website. But if you look at the numbers and see a thousand dollars, then you must be doing something right! My earnings per year are close enough to a million but still not a lot compared to those who came before me. This might come down to luck, but I think we are all just lucky to make it happen. If you are thinking of taking your business online, have a strong understanding of what web development means to start off by reading a text book, knowing the ins and outs of coding and even the terminology of programming. Once you learn the basics, you are set to succeed no matter what. Whether it is writing blog posts or anything else, you will find the right niche and people will be willing to spend money and promote your services. When people see a great product that you have, then they get interested in learning more about the subject matter. There have been times where I have gone to class and never got through it. Because I’m just really interested in computers, and that’s what I do. As a result I find myself constantly searching for new technology and always coming across sites that teach you things like HTML or how to code. By starting your own online business, you are teaching people new skills that they may not really know how to do themselves. And eventually when it comes to the internet, you are helping them stay within reach. Plus, if you are having trouble figuring out how to market your products, the internet provides endless opportunities for you to increase your sales. Many people feel like no one knows them because everyone wants to show them their stuff they have out there and say that you can create whatever you like. When they see you creating your own websites that you know how to navigate and know how to work effectively, it makes them want to check it out and tell their friends. They see it as less of a hassle and more like a fun experience. And so they want in on the action. Maybe even start following you on social media to get feedback. Or have them contact you through email and you can offer to give them free samples. Your main goal is to make it seem like you have it all together and get them to make a purchase. So why wouldn’t you try it? Get started today, and see what happens. No matter what type of business you have online, if you keep your focus and put forth the work, you will achieve success. Just remember the words “Just Keep On Working.” Make sure that you find your personal niche, then look for ways to target it and build your audience. Don’t put pressure upon yourself and don’t overthink what you are doing. Try to be honest and open minded when it comes to what you sell and how you deliver your service. People need to get to a point where they accept something that they are worth something. Remember that you are the person that can turn anyone’s life around and help them get out of rut and into freedom. Believe in yourself and stick to your guns. Finally be brave and get going on your dreams without being afraid to fail. You’re almost there, just keep working hard and don’t panic.

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